Fork Tailed Flycatcher 30Oct2000

These pictures were taken by John Idzikowski in Patrick Marsh near Sun Prairie in Wisconsin.

All pictures are Copyright (c) 2000 John Idzikowski
Fork tailed 1    Fork tailed 2   

Directions: The FORK-TAILED FLYCATCHER (probably an immature bird) is still being seen at Patrick's Marsh, near Sun Prairie off Stone Quarry Rd. Directions for Patrick's Marsh are as follows: Patrick's Marsh is just NE of Sun Prairie off Highway 151, the pond/lake at the edge of 151 just NE of town. Directions from Madison are: take Hwy 151 north; take the Bristol St exit, go north under 151 and take first right (Wilburn?) and go around the "Road Closed" sign. At the next intersection, go right (Columbus St.) and under 151 again, then left on Stone Quarry Road. This is the "frontage road" that parallels 151. Patrick's Marsh parking lot is on the right just over a rise. Go south on the path from the parking lot (the only path). The birds has been seen among the bushes to the left as one approaches the trees, in the trees, and, primarily, in the cornfield to the right of the path. There is a path to a corner of the cornfield just before the path enters the trees.

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